dotmailer Summit 2018 (photo courtesy of dotdigital)

dotmailer Summit 2018 (photo courtesy of dotdigital)


  • Combining technology and data to have real conversations with real people

  • Using data to make your customers’ lives better

  • Responsible marketing in an era of AI, machine learning and block chain

  • Turning data privacy laws to your commercial advantage

  • Overcoming the tendency to chase after the latest of everything and deliver effective marketing

Current Titles

"The real art of conversation…” in an always on world

Marketers are constantly chasing after the latest: the latest strategy, the latest technology, the latest channel. This magpie approach undermines the simple truth that all we are trying to do is the same thing that marketers have done throughout history - have real honest conversations with each and every prospect and customer. The only difference is that instead of having these conversations with ten, a hundred or a thousand people, we need to have unique conversations with ten thousand, a hundred thousand or even a million people. In other words we have to have these real conversations at scale.

Your customers aren’t about bits and bytes

What is your most valuable asset that is rarely looked after? What do your customers become when they disappear right in front of your eyes? The answer to both questions is data. Too often data is thought of as rows and fields and attributes but each of these relates to a real person. In this presentation, Skip walks you through how to uncover the data that you already have, combine it into coherent information and use it to connect with your customers. Once you get past the ones and zeros, you will be able to have real conversations with real people.

GDPR, CASL and APP - is it data privacy law or an unfortunate set of scrabble tiles?

Consumers know the value of their data, they know why we want it and and they suspect what we will do with it. At the same time, law makers are scared. The are scared of the pace of change, they are scared because they really do not understand data and they are scared by every story in the press about the abuse of data. This confluence of events has radically changed the marketing landscape but it shouldn't really scare us. Being open, honest and transparent has always been best practice. Now it is time to turn this to your commercial advantage.


Magento Live London 2016 (video courtesy of Magento)

dotmailer Summit 2018 (video courtesy of dotdigital)